Curious Charts


Do you ship internationally?

Yes. But please note:

Some countries, like the UK, will charge you an "import fee" for goods you purchase outside of the country. In the UK, this fee can be around 11 pounds, and unfortunately is charged to you in addition to what you paid for your wall chart. Before ordering from us, make sure check your country's importing fees policies, and plan accordingly.


How much does shipping cost?

Domestic shipping is $2.00 (but free for domestic orders over $30).
International shipping is $20.00.
The shipping cost will be added to your order during your checkout process.

Please note: For international orders, additional customs fees may apply upon receiving your poster. This depends on whether or not the customs office in your country applies fees to a particular package.


Once my order is made, how long will it take for my print to arrive?

We are eager for you to receive your wall chart(s), and we send out shipments at least twice per week. With the help of USPS First Class mail, your chart(s) should arrive within 1 week of your order, or sooner. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, please plan for several additional days of shipping time.

For international orders, shipping will take longer, as the print(s) must go through customs and so forth. Please plan for this additional shipping time when placing international orders.


When I removed my chart from its tube, it was curled up. How can I remedy this?

When it comes to uncurling your new wall chart, you have a few options. You can: A) place the print into a frame, B) place the print on a clean flat surface and weigh the edges down (books are useful for this) for a day or so, or C) carefully roll your print in the opposite way that it is curling: rolling it around the shipping tube is a handy way to do this, and you can then (carefully) secure the print with rubber bands and let it sit for an hour or two.

To see a charming example of uncurling, we recommend: